Patient Testimonials

Here are just a few of the reviews from the many satisfied people who have chosen board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Bogdan for plastic surgery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

I just wanted to tell doctor Bogdan thank you so much for such a great experience with my mommy make over! I could not be happier with the outcome and will be recommending your office to all the moms at our school. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about myself and my self esteem.

G.M. – Tummy tuck & breast reduction (Mommy Makeover) patient

Ticket from California to Texas – $$$
Surgical Procedures – $$$$
Care and Consideration from Dr. Bogdan and Staff – Priceless

M.C. – Facelift & blepharoplasty patient

Look no further–your search is over. Dr Bogdan is a one of a kind doctor. Not only is he and his staff professional, they are kind and they truly care about their patients. Dr Bogdan is an artist, a perfectionist, and a master at his profession. His passion shows in the work he performs. He will answer all your questions, follow up with you, and put your mind at ease. And, if you do exactly as he instructs, you will experience the best kind of recovery possible. I am so pleased with his work he performed on me that I will be back! He truly changed my life. Thank YOU Dr Bogdan for taking such great care of me!

S.M. – Tummy tuck & flank liposuction patient

Dr. Bogdan is one of the nicest most caring doctors I have ever met. Thank you all so very much… Dr. Bogdan spent all the time we needed to make us feel comfortable & informed.

K.D. – Breast augmentation patient

I would like to thank Dr. Michael Bogdan for his surgical skills as well as his sense of aesthetics and his sensitivity in doing my reconstructive surgery… Dr. Bogdan was able… to restore the balance to my face. It is truly beautiful now. I count my blessings.

J.R. – Facelift patient

I want to say thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you did! From the moment I walked in your Dallas plastic surgery office you and your staff exceeded above and beyond every expectation that I had. Nicole and Ellen were so helpful with my scheduling and made me feel very comfortable and welcome. From my first consultation, through my post op appointments I greatly admired you and am so happy I chose you for my surgery. I am so ecstatic about my results because never in my life did I think that I would look this great again. I am just simply amazed. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for changing my life! THANK YOU! You will always be my first choice if I am ever in need of other procedures, and surely first to be recommended to family and friends.

L.L. – Tummy tuck & breast lift (Mommy Makeover) patient

I really hit the jackpot with Dr. Michael Bogdan – a true professional with a great bedside manner. Dr. Bogdan called the day prior to my surgery–made sure all my concerns were dealt with in the recovery room and made sure I was comfortable while in the hospital. He also called me at home to see how I was doing–besides all this he did a great job with correcting the problems I had from my first surgery. [From another surgeon.]

S.C. – Necklift & resurfacing patient

I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME you are!! Thank you for the wonderful implants. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than you did! You and your staff have been nothing but great throughout this whole experience!

S.C. – Breast augmentation patient

I want to thank you again for the wonderful results of my tummy tuck. I am very pleased and happy that I decided to have the surgery. You are a wonderful doctor and really care about your patients. I felt that I could contact you at any time if I had any questions or problems. Since I did go on roller coasters a few weeks after surgery, you might want to warn others about that. Luckily, I didn’t suffer any ill effects.

S.B. – Tummy tuck patient

(Note from Dr. B: PLEASE don’t go on rollercoasters till 6 weeks after a tummy tuck!)

I recently had an abdominoplasty performed by Dr. Bogdan. I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure, but after meeting with Dr. Bogdan and his staff, they put my mind at ease explaining everything I would experience and my concerns were gone. I have been wanting to have this procedure for a very long time, but after my discussions I was secure that I was in good hands and everything would meet my expectations. After having this procedure, I cannot be happier with the results! It has been my personal privilege to have met and worked with Dr. Bogdan and his team, and would strongly recommend his practice to anyone looking for plastic surgery.

A.T. – Tummy tuck & flank liposuction patient

I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude and admiration for your expertise, talent, and professionalism during a very stressful time. Your accessibility was so appreciated by myself and my family and your calm and easygoing demeanor made all the difference. Jay and I both have told everyone we know what a wonderful doctor you are, the best we have ever encountered. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome, you are truly talented on multiple fronts! Thank you again, I can’t say it enough!

K.H. – Tummy tuck patient

I would like to thank you so much for everything. I am extremely pleased with my results, they are better than I could imagine. Your professionalism, courtesy and kindness is admirable and hard to find.

I consulted with several doctors who not only confused me but caused me to lose my trust and confidence in doctors and the surgery in general. When I came back to you, for the second consultation, your knowledge and great attention to details reinstated my confidence and helped me to go ahead with the surgery. You did an incredible job taking care of me before and after the surgery; days, nights and weekends you were always available and understanding. With such a big surgery I could not have asked for a better experience. It was an honor to know you and have you as my doctor.

R.A. – Breast reduction & Tummy tuck (Mommy Makeover) patient

What is this Adobe Flash Player? It all becomes so complicated when you have to down load the unknown. In any case I already know you are a Wizard when it comes to rhinoplasty, I love my nose!

N.D. – operating room nurse and Dallas closed rhinoplasty patient (commenting on my new rhinoplasty introduction video)

I cannot tell you how happy my wife is about her surgery. I would have had this done years ago if I’d known the “joy”! You are truly gifted and we appreciate you very much… If you ever need a recommendation from me please have any anxious husbands call me. I have never seen my wife happier!

Husband of J.F. – Tummy tuck patient

There are not words to describe how happy I am with the results. They were better than expected. It has changed my self esteem and confidence… This entire experience was exceptional. It far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait until next summer when I can finally feel confident in swimwear. Dr. Bogdan is wonderful, professional & caring…

M.D. – Tummy tuck & Neck Liposuction patient

My husband and I feel blessed that we were put in contact with you for many reasons – you were thorough enough last summer to find my malfunctioning mitral valve before attending to a breast reduction a year later. Thank you for listening patiently to my fears and my husband’s suggestions regarding an outcome that will serve all purposes – health and aesthetics. Your manner is so very patient and kind and I appreciate your obvious intelligence and attention to detail… The results are better than I thought possible! Thank you so much!

M.P. – Breast reduction patient

I just wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with my surgery. In addition, I sincerely appreciated your genuine honesty, professionalism & care throughout the process. I couldn’t be more certain of my decision to have you perform my surgery. Keep up the awesome work that you do. Many of the personality traits that you possess are the greatest any patient can ever ask for in a surgeon. Thanks for everything! 🙂

C.L. – Tummy tuck patient

I’ll never forget you. From the first time, I’ve admired and respected your gentleness, your quiet confidence, and I knew you would be my surgeon. I’m very impressed with this result! Thanks a million for giving me back confidence and self-esteem.

M.P. (Recovery room nurse) – Tummy tuck & arm liposuction patient

I am extremely pleased with the results, and my only wish is that I had done it sooner!… I have now known you for a year, and you have continually exceeded my expectations as a plastic surgeon, doctor, and a human being. You are honest about what you can and cannot do for a person. In your business, I believe that to be successful, you must have both skill and integrity. You possess both.

C.S. – Breast reduction, brow lift, and otoplasty patient

… Dr. Bogdan – THANKS for giving me a flatter tummy and a great looking “scar” – it’s fading fast! If I ever need more “work”, you are definitely my surgeon! PS: Feel free to give my “unlisted” number to anyone asking for a referral!

D.J. – Tummy tuck patient

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