Practice Philosophy

Dr. Michael Bogdan.

Choosing from the many plastic surgeons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for your aesthetic surgery is somewhat like choosing your spouse: chemistry is just as important as shared values. After you decide to have plastic surgery, choosing a plastic surgeon is a major decision – you are entrusting someone to perform an operation for you in hopes of attaining the results you desire. That surgeon will need to make many decisions during the operation, all of which will affect both the cosmetic results as well as your overall safety. It is wise to choose a surgeon who has similar ideals as you do. In this way, you will achieve a result with which you will be happy in a safe manner. With this in mind, I would like to tell you a bit about myself, so you could begin forming an opinion whether we will be a good match.

First I should let you know why I became an aesthetic surgeon – it’s because I love to operate! Unlike some plastic surgeons, it is not something that I had planned to do in life; it is just where I arrived after a long road of education, making career choices along the way with paths that I enjoyed taking. My educational credentials speak for themselves, so please review my curriculum vitae if you are interested.

My plastic surgery practice reflects my personality, and I hope that we will get along! I do like to spend a significant amount of time during the consultation getting to know you from both a medical standpoint, as well as learning the goals you hope to achieve. I try my best to fully educate patients regarding their options, the expected outcomes, and risks involved. If I feel I cannot achieve your desired goals, or if it’s too risky an endeavor, I will let you know this up front with my reasons. In some cases, I may not be the best surgeon for the operation you require – and if so, I will help you find the right physician. Occasionally, a patient and I will have differing aesthetic goals, and I might have to decline being their surgeon. Although I do want to provide the results that every patient wants, my own personal aesthetic tastes play a role in how I perform operations. I enjoy natural beauty, and this influences the goals of my operations. For example, I am not a fan of huge breast implants, as they do not look or feel natural and are more prone to long-term complications, as opposed to reasonable size implants which have a more natural look. In facial rejuvenation, my goal is a result that looks refreshed and natural, rather than tight or pulled. Not every patient agrees with my aesthetics, and that would not make us a good match.

All surgery has risks, and I happen to be very risk-averse. With elective cosmetic surgical operations, both the patient and the surgeon have the luxury of not being pressured into performing an operation. We can sit back, weigh all of the risks and benefits of the surgical options, and then make an informed decision. If I offer to perform surgery, it is because I believe I can predictably achieve the result that you are looking for without compromising safety. Occasionally, I have to turn-down a patient who is interested in surgery, either because the expectations are un-obtainable, or their medical problems make the surgical risk unacceptably high.

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With this as a background, I hope you will appreciate my nuances. When I see a new patient in consultation, I spend as much time as necessary to get to know them, learn about their desires, and answer all of their questions. Many surgeons spend very little time meeting with a patient, and most of the consult is performed by a “patient coordinator”. As a surgeon, I feel that I am best able to discuss surgery, and I am the only person who can thoroughly discuss with you all aspects of the procedure and to answer all of your questions and concerns. For any area of concern, there is usually a number of surgical options, each with associated risks, recovery periods, costs, and expected outcomes. I want you to fully understand these issues, so you can make a truly informed decision. Even if we decide that I am not the best surgeon for you, I am sure you will leave my office knowing a great deal more about your options. I enjoy technology, and use the best devices available to get the optimum results. For instance, if you are interested in procedures such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, I utilize the best 3 dimensional imaging system available to help us make decisions before surgery.

Many patients feel apprehensive about visiting a surgeon for a consultation. My goal is to help you make educated choices based on my answers to all your questions and concerns. It’s natural to feel anxious about plastic surgery, but you must remember that it is strictly voluntary and should only be considered if we can safely obtain the results that will make you happy. It has been my experience that when you find the right surgeon, everything will click into place. I look forward to meeting you!

Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS

PS: I am proud to announce that Roger Cason, MD, has agreed to join 2301 Plastics Surgery. Roger is a very well-trained aesthetic surgeon, who’s pedigree and accomplishments reminds me of my early history. His technical skills and moral compass reflect the level of perfection that I strive to attain, and I am excited to watch his career grow.

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