4 Signs You’re Ready for Rhinoplasty

model with dotted lines outlining her nose for rhinoplasty

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a very personal decision. If you’re unhappy with your nose and want to refine its shape, then rhinoplasty surgery may be right for you. The vast majority of rhinoplasty patients at our Fort Worth, TX, practice are thrilled with the results, many wishing they hadn’t waited so long to have the procedure. Here are 4 common signs that the surgery may help improve your quality of life too.

Your nose distracts you when you look in the mirror.

It’s true that the nose is the central feature of the entire face. However, if your eyes always go to your nose when you look in the mirror, your facial features may not be in harmony with one another. Ideally, your nose should be properly proportioned with the rest of your face and bring more attention to your eyes and lips. Rhinoplasty can help balance your facial features and improve your overall look.

You only like how you look in photos from a certain angle.

Many of us have a “best side” that we prefer, but taking pictures with friends and family shouldn’t be a stressful event. If you always position yourself in photos so you can hide bumps, humps, or asymmetry, you may benefit from rhinoplasty surgery. When you’re happy with your nose, you can relax when you’re being photographed and stop fixating on what your nose will look like. Feeling self-conscious when taking selfies or family photos can be a thing of the past.

You always contour your nose with makeup.

Makeup can go a long way when it comes to transforming your face. Sometimes patients use bronzer or contouring powders to strategically darken certain sections and create the illusion of a smaller nose. But while makeup can be great for providing temporary changes, it is not a long-lasting solution. If contouring your nose is a must-have part of your morning makeup routine, you may want to consider rhinoplasty.

You feel like your nose is holding you back.

In the end, the goal of plastic surgery is to give a boost to your confidence. If the appearance of your nose makes you anxious or detracts from your day-to-day life, then you may want to strongly consider rhinoplasty surgery. As you move forward with your decision, you can discuss your concerns with your surgeon and create a customized plan for your facial procedure. You deserve to feel happy and confident every time you see your reflection—don’t let insecurities about your nose hold you back from fully enjoying your life.

To see examples of real rhinoplasty results from our own Fort Worth, TX, patients, browse our before-and-after gallery. If you would like to learn more about rhinoplasty and other facial enhancement procedures, please request a consultation online. You can also call our office at (817) 442-1236 to begin your plastic surgery journey today.