Dallas Breast Enlargement Specialist Marks 250th Post on RealSelf

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As part of his ongoing commitment to patient education, Dallas breast enlargement surgeon Dr. Michael Bogdan recently posted his 250th answer to a real patient question posed on RealSelf, a popular cosmetic surgery resource on the Web.

Southlake, Texas (December 2009) – Dr. Michael Bogdan, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has reached the 250-post mark on RealSelf.com, an online cosmetic surgery resource where the Dallas breast enlargement specialist contributes answers to a broad range of plastic surgery questions.

“I definitely believe that the more people know about their cosmetic options, the better they’ll be able to reach their goals, so I’m always working hard to help patients educate themselves,” says Dr. Bogdan. “Online, everyone has access to the basic facts on cosmetic surgery, but it’s a real passion of mine to help my patients understand the how and the why of their choices. I feel privileged to be able to offer some of that guidance to other people around the country considering cosmetic surgery.”

Dr. Bogdan, whose practice focuses on facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast implant surgery for Dallas patients, has used RealSelf to help patients learn more about surgical planning, recovery, and procedures, and to offer suggestions to patients unsure about which procedure is “right” for them.

“Most detailed plastic surgery questions just can’t be answered by a brochure; you need someone with the training to look at your case and say, ‘this is what my experience tells me would work best, and here’s why,'” explains Dr. Bogdan. “Of course, online advice isn’t a substitute for a real consultation from a board-certified plastic surgeon, but I think it can really help patients avoid some of the misinformation out there.”

Dr. Bogdan feels he helps patients most through one-on-one consultations where he has the patient’s medical history and physical examination to guide him, but he also believes that sites like RealSelf can play an important role in helping patients get reliable information.

“Many patients are a lot more cautious today, which I think is wonderful,” says Dr. Bogdan. “When something doesn’t feel quite right, they’re looking online for the answers, and I think it’s a responsibility of qualified surgeons to step up and explain which treatments offer real benefits. It’s a question of priorities, and for me the patient’s health and peace of mind must always come first.”

Much of Dr. Bogdan’s advice both online and at his plastic surgery practice in Dallas centers on helping patients recognize that healing takes time.

“If I could give only one piece of advice to all of the women and men I’ve helped, it would be ‘be patient,'” he says. “Most of the concerns that patients share online have to do with normal healing processes that maybe their own doctor didn’t explain in detail. I take a lot of care to explain exactly what patients can expect after their surgery, and hopefully I’ve been able to help other patients share in some of that peace of mind too.”

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