Dr. Bogdan announces Vectra 3D Imaging System

2301 Plastic Surgery

3D Surgical Planning with Vectra M3

Vectra logo
Vectra imaging equipment.

Dr. Bogdan is an obvious fan of useful technology, and was excited to incorporate the Vectra M3 imaging system into his Southlake office. Made by Canfield Scientific, the Vectra system utilizes multiple cameras to simultaneously take a number of photographs of the subject from different points of view. Specialized Sculptor 3D Software then builds a three dimensional virtual model of the subject that is extremely accurate. With the use of the Scultpor software, Dr. Bogdan can alter volumes and dimensions of the face to simulate actual surgical results. The changes can be viewed from any angle, and compared real-time to the untouched original image.

Vectra rhinoplasty animation

“This system is the best tool available for pre-operative planning. I can sit down with my patients, and discuss our surgical goals to make sure we have the same vision. The saying that a picture is worth 1000 words definitely applies to the Vectra — there is no other way for a patient and I to accurately communicate our ideas besides viewing it live in 3D.”