Face Lift Surgeon in Dallas Stresses Importance of Board Certification

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With recent news reports featuring people undergoing cosmetic surgery by non-certified physicians, Dr. Michael Bogdan, a respected plastic surgeon specializing in procedures such as face lift in Dallas, explains why board-certification matters.

Dallas, Texas (October 2011) – Dr. Michael Bogdan (www.2301plasticsurgery.com), a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in procedures such as face lift in Dallas, says board certification in a surgeon’s field of specialization reflects the doctor’s years of experience and the training necessary to perform complex surgical procedures.

With recent news reports about physicians who are not board certified performing intricate plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Bogdan stresses the importance of choosing a surgeon who has the necessary experience and credentials to perform the procedure.

“Board certification demonstrates several things,” explains Dr. Bogdan. “First, it shows that the physician has completed the necessary steps in his or her education by attending accredited schools and possessing the proper degree. Also, being certified shows that the physician has passed an examination to assess competency in his or her medical specialty. While each medical board has different criteria for earning board certification, the overall goal is to ensure that the surgeon is well trained and capable of performing specific types of surgeries.”

When consulting with women and men interested in a surgery such as facelift in Dallas, Dr. Bogdan puts to rest patients’ worries and concerns regarding his qualifications. With his medical degree and his residency in general surgery and plastic surgery from Stanford University, a fellowship in aesthetic surgery from New York University, and certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bogdan has the background and knowledge it takes to achieve optimal surgical results.

Dr. Bogdan states, “Perfecting certain surgical procedures, such as Dallas rhinoplasty, can sometimes take years. Even with the necessary education, proper training is needed to produce quality results.

“Choosing a board-certified surgeon helps patients feel confident about their decision to pursue cosmetic surgery. They can feel assured that their surgeon is an expert in the field.”

There are several ways patients can ensure that a surgeon is certified by a medical board. Patients can visit the American Board of Medical Specialties website and search for a particular physician. If the doctor is not listed on that site, they can refer to a specific medical board website and search for the doctor within that specialty.

“It is important to understand that licensed and board-certified are not the same thing,” Dr. Bogdan states. “When you choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform your cosmetic procedure, you are ensuring that you have a high-quality physician advising and helping you.

“I strive to make sure that my patients are educated about this issue and that they understand the importance of doing their research and finding a board-certified plastic surgeon. By doing this, they are increasing their chances of having a positive surgical experience.”

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