4 Unexpected Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Woman experiencing all of the benefits a tummy tuck has to offer in Grapevine, TX.

A tummy tuck is a transformative procedure that slims and sculpts the body. However, there are more benefits to this popular treatment than initially meet the eye. There are many ways to customize your treatment, addressing your specific needs with a tummy tuck. As a plastic surgeon in the Fort Worth, TX, area, I always enjoy informing patients of a few unexpected perks they can enjoy.

Relieving back pain

Pregnancy and significant weight loss leave permanent marks on the body. Many women struggle with stretched abdominal muscles—also known as diastasis recti—after they give birth. This lack of support and strength in the core area puts extra strain on the back or neck. Your surgeon may repair these abdominal muscles during tummy tuck surgery, strengthening your core and leading the way to a reduction in back pain.

Reducing urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) is a common problem that affects up to 15% of women in the United States. It is often caused by the weakening of muscles and tissues on the pelvic floor that can no longer provide enough support to the bladder. Tummy tuck surgery adjusts and tightens skin and tissue near these pelvic floor muscles. If you improve these areas near the bladder and urethra, you may also increase muscle support and reduce urinary incontinence. 

Repositioning the bellybutton

During tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon makes a low hip-to-hip incision across the bikini line. They also create a circular incision around the bellybutton to release it from the surrounding skin. After excess tissue is removed and the remaining skin is pulled and tightened, the surgeon repositions the bellybutton. You can ask your doctor to reshape or contour your bellybutton’s appearance or even make the orientation more appealing. 

Increasing exercise tolerance

Excess fat and saggy skin are more than just eyesores. They can also affect your quality of life by literally weighing you down. After unwanted tissue is removed during a tummy tuck, many patients find exercise and movement more comfortable. Folds and flaps no longer chafe during workouts, and you can wear the formfitting exercise clothing you’ve always dreamed of. 

Tummy tuck surgery offers many aesthetic benefits, and this procedure can change lives in unique ways. To see examples of the results you can expect after treatment, browse our before-and-after gallery.

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