Breast Lift With Augmentation

Most women from Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, and other cities near Grapevine, TX, consider a combined breast lift-augmentation (mastopexy-augmentation) because they would like to restore a youthful and perky appearance to their breasts. Because of the need for low tension across incisions to optimize healing, simultaneous mastopexy-augmentation procedures inherently have a more “relaxed” look. If that is the appearance you desire, you might be satisfied with a combined operation—but you will still end up with wider scars than if the procedures were staged. If you are really trying to get the perkiest breasts, with the best-looking scars, and want to achieve it with the lowest risk, then staging the two procedures makes the most sense.

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Mastopexy & Augmentation
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Choosing an Augmentation Mastopexy

Patients visiting 2301 Plastic Surgery who are interested in both breast volume enhancement (augmentation) and a lift (to address skin excess, large areola, or just overall droop) would love to do the procedure in one stage! Most are attracted to our work by looking at the end results in the photo gallery, noticing the good scars, nice symmetry, and a perky, youthful appearance. The best results (from the standpoint of a youthful look and scar appearance) are achieved with a staged approach. Because of this, we repeatedly have the same discussion with potential patients, reviewing the pros and cons of the combined procedure vs. a staged approach. To review some of the main points:

Pros for the Combined Breast Lift & Augmentation

  • One operation (but you have a higher chance of needing a revision)
  • Less expensive (the first hour is the most expensive for anesthesia / OR time)
  • One recovery period

Pros for a Staged Breast Lift & Augmentation

  • More control over the end result
  • Better-looking scars (because of lower tension)
  • Ability to achieve a perkier result
  • Lower complication rates
  • You might be happy with just a lift and not need an augmentation!

Meet the Doctors

Our fellowship trained plastic surgeons are both passionate about their craft, and work closely with patients to get excellent results.

Doctor Bogdan and Doctor Cason

Meet the Doctors

Our fellowship trained plastic surgeons are both passionate about their craft, and work closely with patients to get excellent results.

Combining a Breast Lift With Implants

Patients often request a combined mastopexy augmentation because they are trying to “get it all done at once” to avoid a second recovery period. What they often don’t understand is that the combined procedure has less control over the surgical outcome (changing more variables at the same time), inherently has worse scars, and has higher complication rates.


A famous surgeon once said that plastic surgery is “a battle of beauty vs. blood supply,” and this directly applies to the Aug-Mastopexy. The breast lift component of the operation is performed with scars below the breast, so you should think of it more as a “push” operation rather than a “lift” (the scars are effectively pushing the breast tissue upward to create the lift). Because of this, the weight of the breast is pushing down onto the scars, trying to stretch them out. Tension-free incisions tend to heal with very thin scars, while incisions healing under tension tend to widen. If you simultaneously add the weight of an implant above the incisions, you will automatically end up with wider scars than if you were only lifting the breast tissue.


You might remember from math class that it is relatively simple to solve equations with a single variable, but things become more complex as more variables are added. The same holds true with surgery. In a combined mastopexy augmentation, the surgeon must work with multiple variables, which include:

  • Nipple position
  • Skin envelope dimensions
  • Breast volume removal
  • Implant volumes
  • Scar contracture

So, “getting it right” becomes inherently more challenging. If the operation is staged, fewer variables are being addressed during each operation, and it is far simpler to achieve the desired result.


Finally, the issue of safety. Incisions heal best in a tension-free environment with good blood flow. In the case of the combined mastopexy augmentation, the skin envelope has been tightened, and the weight of the implant is pressing down on the incisions, both of which decrease blood flow. With decreased blood flow, healing is impaired, scars tend to be wider, wound healing complications are more likely, and infection rates are higher.

If you still want to get it all done at once, can you? Yes—as long as you have a complete understanding of the risks and benefits and are accepting of a reasonable result from an inherently more difficult operation.

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Your Next Step

A staged breast lift and augmentation can enhance your breast volume and restore a perky shape. Planning to do the procedure in two stages gives the ultimate control over the result and maximizes the conditions to get the best-looking scars. Scar care is an important component of the surgery, so please visit our formational page on scar care. While having a combined augmentation and mastopexy is convenient, the results are superior with a staged approach. Visit 2301 Plastic Surgery to thoroughly discuss your desired outcome and review the options available.

If you would like further information about mastopexy / augmentation, please click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bogdan or Dr. Cason, fellowship-trained plastic surgeons in Grapevine, Texas. Our surgeons look forward to meeting with you to discuss your personal goals and establish a treatment plan to achieve them. If you prefer, you can call us at (817) 442-1236 to schedule your appointment.