Dr. Bogdan upgrades to flagship Vectra XT System

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State of the Art 3D Body Planning!

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Woman posing for Vectra imaging.

Dr. Bogdan was so impressed with the technology offered by Canfield Imaging after incorporating the Vectra M3 imaging system into his facial surgery practice, that he upgraded to their flagship imaging system. The Vectra XT offers all of the same features for facial imaging as the M3, but additionally allows for morphing of body surgery.

As shown in the example below, actual images of the patient’s body can be captured, and then realistic post-operative images created to allow for assessment of different implant volumes and dimensions. Dr. Bogdan feels that this tool allows him to deliver the most thorough preoperative consultation for difficult decisions such as choosing implant size. The Vectra system is so beneficial for patient education that Dr. Bogdan installed the system in both his Southlake and Dallas offices.

Vectra breast augmentation animation.

This animation shows a preoperative 3 dimensional view of a model patient, as well as the predicted outcome from breast augmentation. The implant size can be varied to help visualize the effect that different volume choices have on outcome.

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