How Much BOTOX® Cosmetic & Dermal Filler Do I Need for Optimal Facial Rejuvenation?

Woman looking off to the side while smiling and touching her face. (MODEL)

When getting BOTOX, Dysport®, or dermal fillers, most people prefer soft, natural-looking results. Our patients often want to know the optimal quantities of BOTOX and filler needed for a more youthful appearance without looking overfilled or unnatural.

While the number of units will vary depending on your facial concern and desired outcome, the below infographic shows the typical number of units we use for the best results.

Instagraphic on how much BOTOX® and dermal fillers are needed per facial area for the best results. (MODELS)

Choose an experienced injector to assess your facial concerns and customize your BOTOX and filler treatment. Other treatments you can combine with BOTOX or fillers include light-based therapies such as HALO® and ProFractional® Laser. Your injector will let you know if you need to stage your injectable and laser treatments to avoid irritating your skin.

To learn about the benefits of BOTOX and fillers, request a consultation or call us at (817) 442-1236 to schedule an appointment.